Client: Miami-Dade County Public Works
Miami-Dade County, FL

Eisman & Russo

Project Description:

This project is a Design/Build project that involves the replacement of the Bear Cut Bridge, 2,250’ in length and a portion of the Rickenbacker Causeway linking Key Biscayne and Miami, and also the West Bridge, 500’ in length, as well at the beautification of their approaches. In addition, the Bear Cut Bridge is being widened to the north, which will include the installation 84 precast concrete piles with new substructure and superstructure and the widening of its approaches. As part of this project, an existing 12-inch water main attached to the Bear Cut and West bridges will be replaced with a new 16-inch HDPE water main pipeline that will be horizontal directional drilled under the bay bottom.

Services Provided:

Construction Management
Construction Engineering & Inspection

Performance Dates:

May 2013 – August 2014

Construction Cost:

$31.5 million


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